R.E.H Forks

R.E.H Forks are classic competition motorcycle forks for pre-65 motorbikes.

They were created in Britain in the 1960s by engineer Robin Humphreys, and have been revived by Duncan Macdonald, of Armac Design.

Today's R.E.H. Forks are true to the form, and ethos, of Robin Humphreys’ original design. At the same time, they are made to modern engineering standards, to meet the challenges of today’s trials sections.

R.E.H Forks are ridden and recommended by top riders including Dave Thorpe, Mick Grant, Alan Brown, Michel Ranc (France).



Assembled fork legs: 35mm stanchions, 3 lengths, 3 spring strengths, adjustable pre-load

R.E.H Yokes: strong, stiff, to fit any pre-65 bike with 35mm stanchions, 2 free-issue spindle lengths

Full range of accessories including spindles, mudguard brace assembly, brace clamps, brake anchor plate, gaiters, spare springs, full range of spares, seals, bushes, oil


More info on R.E.H. FORKS: www.rehforks.com


Armac Cub AH Armac Cub AB REH-1

Above: assembled REH FORKS with Armac Design yokes, mudguard brace assembly, brace clamps, spindle


Left: R.E.H Forks on (top) Armac Tiger Cub, Adrian Hallmark (2014 build) and (below): Armac Tiger Cub, Alan Brown (2014)