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Sick of hunting for a parking place or lying your bike on its side while you walk sections? Us too!

The Armac Design propstand will save you time and effort trialling, and is designed to be as unobtrusive, lightweight and tucked-in as possible.

Armac Propstand: has been designed in tandem with the Armac Swinging Arm. When ordered with the swinging arm, we provide it as a welded assembly, with the welding free of charge.

Standard Tiger Cub, depending on the suspension  set-up. If it is too long you can trim the arm and re-weld the foot; or, choose the Universal option.


PRICE: £65

STOCK: currently out of stock, sorry

From the underside of the swinging arm to the ground, measured along the line of the stand in the down position, is 42cm. This can be tweaked by altering the angle at which the bracket is welded to the swinging arm.

RETRO-FIT for Triumph Cubs, Bantams etc

This propstand can be adapted to fit any Pre-65 trials bike, if fitted onto the right-hand side of the swinging arm. It is supplied as a kit without the pivot or base foot welded on, and with the leg longer than normal. This means you can cut it to your required length, then weld on the foot, pivot and mounting bracket at the right angle/place for your bike.

Mounted on: Ariels, Royal Enfield, BSA, Cotton, James, etc


PRICE: £55.      STOCK: currently out of stock, sorry


- Fully TIG welded from seamless Trumech/CF53 tube

- Laser cut parts

- Stainless steel fasteners

- Stainless steel extension spring



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