Main Frame Scottish Tube Kits

After 20 years of production, we are now making the final Armac main frames, which are all pre-sold.


All full Armac frames are eligible for Pre-65 Scottish 2-day trial with addition of our Scottish Tube Kit (limited number, with serial numbers).


We plan a final run of Scottish Tube Kits, which will be available before the 2020 Scottish. A letter, which includes your serial number, can be supplied in time to submit with your trial entry in November 2019.


The Pre65 Scottish 2019 was won by Dan Thorpe on a full Armac Cub with Scottish Tube Kit, with REH Forks. Third place went to Gary Macdonald on a full Armac Cub with REH Forks, owned by Dave Stewart. Gary also won the 2018 Pre65 Scottish, and numerous others including the 2019 Highland Classic at Alvie, on his Armac Cub.


Note that the kits cannot be copied, as the serial number is required to prove it is a genuine Armac Design component.

We will ONLY sell these for genuine Armac frames, not copies.


PRICE: £125 including all fixings, instructions and Proof of Origin letter


To reserve your Scottish Tube Kit: contact

tel: 01751 417371







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