Fuel tank 

New construction: reinforcing ribs to reduce lateral flexing, plus a brace bar (pictured right). Fits Armac frames, Bantams, etc.


A variation in the brace bar is available for fitments where a frame tube extends below the base of the tank (eg standard Cub frames). Contact us for details.


- Reinforcing ribs inside tunnel, plus brace bar, to reduce lateral flexing

- Material: 2mm aluminium (rather than the standard 1.6mm) so the tank is more robust

- Teardrop shape maximises clearance for knees and Personal Parts

- Tanks are designed to fit Tiger Cubs, but they have also been fitted to bikes including C15s and Bantams (see Dimensions)

- Low-bulk plastic filler cap with coarse thread (easy on/off)

- Weight: 1300g

- Capacity: 3 litres

- Fuel tap thread: 1/4 BSP

- Tanks supplied with custom-made rubber bushes to grip tank mount



Height (not including filler neck): 170mm

Tunnel width: 65mm

Tunnel length: 350mm (measured along inside top, mounting hole at halfway point)

Longest dimension (including curves): 390mm


PRICE: £300

Price includes foam saddle and rubber mounting bushes


STOCK:  Jan 2020

x 1 available




Exclusive Armac Design foam saddle, 10mm thick (42kg/CPM compression) locates over top tube to help protect tank from vibration. It also ensures your tank is correctly located, protects control cables from chafing, and gives the best possible chance of a long and happy life for your fuel tank.

We include this in the tank purchase price


Tank-2 tank-ribs

Tanks carry a one-year warranty from date of purchase. This covers material or construction failure, with replacement or repair at our discretion. It does NOT cover accidental damage, or damage if the tank has been incorrectly or poorly mounted. It does not cover replacement for paintwork or graphics added by the customer. As with virtually all warranties, it applies to the original purchaser only.

Aluminium petrol tanks must be mounted to avoid excessive vibration (which can cause cracking). Armac Design supplies a Foam Saddle and rubber bushes to ensure the tank is correctly secured and mounted. If these are not used, warranty is invalid. The Foam Saddle has been designed to minimise the chance of tank damage through vibration, and to locate it in exactly the right place on your Tiger Cub top tube. It is essential to maximising the longevity of your tank.

Warranty is only valid if the foam saddle, rubber bushes and brace bar have been fitted and used.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot offer warranty on tanks sold to destinations outside Britain.

BELOW LEFT: this is what happens if you mount your tank incorrectly, with metal to metal contact. This causes vibration, which causes cracking, and will wear holes in the tank itself. The foam saddle is designed to stop this happening!


BELOW RIGHT: this is what happens if you don’t use the custom-made rubber washes supplied. This tank has been mounted with a washer that is too big for the hole diameter, which has overtightened the tank onto the frame and squashed the foam strips/saddle which are intended to isolate the frame from the tank.


tank-1 Tank-2