Exhaust kit

A complete system from cylinder head to tail pipe. It has been designed and tested to improve performance through the entire rev range and is suitable for any capacity Cub. It is lightweight, slimline and tucks tightly against the frame.

The Armac exhaust system is jig built for consistency, with a two-bolt fitting. It is designed  to fit the Armac Tiger Cub frame but is also suitable for standard Cubs that do not have an oil tank on the right hand side.


FEATURES FLEX-FIT SYSTEM: allows movement between front and back boxes


- 28.6mm diameter x 1.2mm wall 304 stainless steel header pipe

- Pressed aluminium dual expansion boxes in 2mm thick aluminium

- Fully TIG welded

- Fully jig built for maximum accuracy

- Brushed finish

- 1100g total weight


PRICE: £325



Spare Viton O-rings (wearing part). Pack of 5: £5



- Mounting nut for front engine bolt

- Stainless steel Myklor exhaust clamp

- Stainless steel M6 cap screw

- Stainless steel M6 hex head bolt

- Stainless steel M6 Nyloc nut

- 2 x stainless steel M6 washers

- Custom aluminium washer



The Armac exhaust system has two mounting points: onto the front engine bolt, and onto the rear subframe. It will bolt straight onto the Armac front frame and lines up with the Armac subframe.

On a standard Cub front frame, the engine bolt / front frame mounting is different so we supply a separate spacer and bolt to accommodate this.  

The standard Cub subframe has many and various positions for its silencer mounting point so it isn’t possible to make a kit that bolts straight on. To mount the Armac exhaust to a standard rear subframe, you must either braze a bracket (supplied in Fitting Kit for Standard subframe/front frame, as above) onto the subframe to match up with the silencer, or make a small strap that goes from the bracket on the standard subframe, to the silencer.


Fitting kit for standard front frame

and/or subframe:  £10

In addition to the items in the Armac fitting kit,

this includes (pictured right):

- M10 x 75 stainless steel bolt and washer

- 20mm aluminium spacer (custom-made)

- trim to fit bracket (custom made).


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