Chain tensioner

Armac Design Chain Tensioner has been designed to work with both the standard Triumph Tiger Cub swinging arm, and the Armac Swinging Arm.

It will work with any combination of 13T or 14T gearbox sprockets, and 54T or 60T rear sprockets.

It uses a modern, easily replaceable chain tensioner pad and pivots on a stainless steel / ali-bronze bearing.


For fitting to a standard Tiger Cub swinging arm, it is necessary to braze an anchor for the spring on the inside face of the swinging arm. Please let us know if you require an anchor.


The Chain Tensioner is provided as part of the Armac Swinging Arm kit, but can also be purchased as a stand-alone item.


- Arm: 6082 aluminium, 4mm thick, water-jet cut

- Ali-bronze bearing with stainless steel pivot

- Stainless steel mounting bolt, nut and washer

- Tension spring

- Hebo chain tensioner pad


PRICE: £40



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