Breather kit

Armac Design Breather Kit replaces the blanking plug for the distributor, in the crankcase. It only fits crankcases with a threaded hole for the distributor (early models have a non-threaded hole, which the Armac breather plug will not fit).


A Tiger Cub without a breathing kit releases crankcase compression (undesirable on any 4-stroke!) through various small holes on the right hand side crankcase and through the end of the cam. These holes can also leak oil.

With many Tiger Cub engines now being larger capacity and higher revving, a better system of relieving crankcase pressure improves engine performance and reduces oil leakage.


- aluminium CNC'd breather plug

- clear nitrile rubber breather hose: selected for its high resistance to oil and petrol

- fibre washer


Pictures below: breather kit in position (with black hose)



09-BreathKit-2 09-BreathKit-3

PRICE: £18